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Orderly: I am going to keep this.
Rafi: The cat magazine with a dickhole in it?
Orderly: It’s not an obvious dickhole.
Randy: Oh it’s obviously the size and girth of a dick.

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That was a handheld, drill-based dildo trident, and last year, we had a dildo trident that was a big, Poseidon-like spear. Dildo tridents are a real central part of the mythology of Rafi and Dirty Randy, apparently.[…] If you think about it, the fact that there are two characters who routinely commit wanton acts of murder, revenge, vigilante justice, possibly-consensual pornography on what is ostensibly a normal sitcom about guys who play fantasy football is pure madness.
Jason Mantzoukas, talking to the Daily Beast. (via twiststreet)